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Product Description

Yepzon is the simplest wearable GPS locator in the world. With Yepzon you can locate people, pets and valuables using your smartphone. Download the Yepzon app, activate the GPS locator with your smartphone, choose a name for your Yepzon device, and locate. Simple! You can share the access with family members, friends or care givers. You can connect as many Yepzon's to your phone as you wish. Yepzon is reliable and durable. Smart technology helps you preserve battery and data. The small GPS locator can be attached anywhere. Yepzon represents timeless Nordic design and is also waterproof. Six months of free usage (30Mb) is included. Please note that change of factory settings may shorten the period. After the free usage, you pay only $4.95 per month (5Mb). Worldwide coverage with free roaming in the U.S., Europe and Russia - additional countries can be purchased using the app and current prices can be found at . Free easy-to-use app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Package includes a neck strap, protective neoprene case and charging cable. For more information, videos, user applications and more, go to . For FAQ's, Instructions and Contact, go to . For Yepzon Quick Guide, go to


  • WORKS EVERYWHERE - Use of GPS, GSM Network and Bluetooth - accurate location without distance limitations. Yepzon uses both AT&T and T-Mobile network and will therefore not be affected by AT&T 2G sunset!
  • FOLLOW A MOVING TARGET - Yepzon tracks the location every 10 seconds when needed.
  • DATA SECURITY - Yepzon does not collect any personal data. You can share the locator's user rights only to the people you want.
  • EASY TO USE YEPZON APP - Yepzon app works with any mobile device and requires no passwords and no registrations. You can follow as many Yepzons as you wish and each one of them can have as many care givers to follow it as needed.
  • UNBEATABLE BATTERY LIFE - Yepzon locator's battery can last several weeks to even months. Most of the time the locator is asleep and only activates itself when it senses movement. You can set how often the locator updates its location from Yepzon Cloud. There is even an option to switch off your Yepzon from the app when you know you will not be using it for a while. Don't worry, Yepzon will tell you when it needs to be charged.


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