BSeen (TM), LED Slap Band, Glow bracelet, armband Glow in the dark

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Product Description

BSeen(TM) LED Slap Band is battery powered, ultra-high visible glowing band with LED as light source and highly light transmitting polymer to allow the band provide 360 degree visibility either in GLOW or FLASHING MOLD. One size to fit all, it can be easily applied to your wrist, ankle, arm for both adults and children.

Highlight Features:
Slap Wrap application make it extremely easy to apply. No need to ask for help when you need to wear the unit.
1 3/8" x 13 1/2" , one size to fit all. For really large biceps, we recommend to use our B018WPSJ0M series. However, it can fit the wrist and can be used on equipments.
● 360 degree visibility. With one LED source, transmitted through the high performance light transmission polymers, the majority of the band is lighted up. When wearing, it will provide almost 360 light.
● Highly reflective printing for added safety feature.
● Versatile application.
● Easy battery replacement, spare battery included.
Possible applications:
● Children for fun in the evening Glow Party
● Runners or Joggers
● People walking their pets
● Cyclists that can wear or slap wrap to any part of the bike
● Outdoor activity that can slap wrap the band to the backpack
● Campers

BSeen LED Slap Band is constructed with the high standard materials. All Components are compliant with the ROHS standards. Considering it could be used for children, it can also meet the children toy standard for USA market. For example the lead content can not pass 100 ppm. As the original designer and patent holder of this item, we have considered much more details than those manufacturers knock-off our designs.


  • ULTRA HIGH VISIBILITY: Powered with small button battery, this LED Slap band provides 360 degree ultra-high visibility in dusk and nighttime activities. The brightness is much higher than the glow in the dark glow sticks. That means greater safety for you, your children or your pet from negligent and distracted drivers.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SOFT, FLEXIBLE NYLON AND EXTREMELY EASY TO WEAR: designed with comfort in mind. The armBand is lightweight to be used for wearer of all ages. Comfortable On Both Children And Adults and Pets. To put it on, first straighten up the band and simply slap again the wrist, arm or angle part, it will curl wrap automatically.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: This glow bracelet has versatile application, such as but no limited to: runners, cyclists, campers, night walkers, auto safety, combine with safety vest, child safety, runner gear, longboard players.
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: BSeen owns two patents on this model of Slap Armband and most other sellers unless OEM by us are copies of our invention. As the inventor of this item, with the years of experience, our quality of product can not be compared by the sellers selling products buying from the factories stealing our designs.
  • ONE SIZE FIT ALL: The Bseen LED Slap Band has a dimension 1 1/2" x 13 1/2", by simply slap wrap it will fit on both adult and children for the wrist, ankle, and arm. To apply on the biceps, please consider the dimension to see if it fits on.

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